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Kinesiology fast tracks therapy to get to the point.


Kinesiology is a very different tool I use to support health and recovery - it comes from the combination of Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy and advanced Chiropractic methods. Many of my very satisfied clients  will say... 

' I'm not sure what she did but it worked' 

Beth also works with children, integrating kinesiology and gentle craniosacral methods to support their health, learning and happiness. Please contact Beth for information about working with children.



Feel the rhythm & release the pain.


Craniosacral technique is an advanced system of therapeutic touch that can gently offer softness to the membranes that hold the central nervous system as it floats in the buoyant protection of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Craniosacral therapy is applied to the body so gently that you might experience a deeper sense of relaxation than you have ever felt - the work focuses on the head, spine and sacrum and may also move into the mouth, working gently in the oral cavity to release tension patterns and deep restrictions that are disrupting your health and happiness.

Excellent for recovery from trauma, dental work, surgery and injuries. It is an amazing experience.

Craniosacral is also an excellent method to address pain that has can't be identified by your medical team. My gyneacologist told me 70% of her patients present with undiagnosable pain.....They still feel pain but there is no way to medically identify the cause. I was one of them and have now moved through my own recovery process with Craniosacral therapy.


Remedial Massage

evaluating movement and restoring function.


Remedial massage starts with a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, history and posture. We will look at your movement patterns and injury record - and plan to work together over a couple of sessions (usually 5) to reduce the restrictions to your range of motion. We will work together to bring back freedom and to help your body recover from compensations and pain.

Pregnancy Massage is available - Beth will provide support as you prepare physically mentally and emotionally for the birth. Beautiful sessions 90 min.