All healing is self healing

As a natural therapist my aim is always to assist your recovery to health from within. The body is always working across all of its systems to maintain health and vitality. 

When a change occurs with our health we are faced with the challenge of meeting ourselves and finding ways to restore our heal ourselves. Medication may not always be necessary if we are listening to the the body, if its systems are aligned and we are able to manage our own recovery.

Changes such as dietary modification, rest, hydration, meditation, touch therapies and communication can be profoundly beneficial and restorative to your health.

We have been collectively encouraged to 'soldier on' - and though this suggestion can sometimes be a necessary requirement of our busily scheduled lives - there will always be compensation and suppression if the body is not give the chance to move through its healing and recovery.

Over time these suppressions and compensations can disrupt our behaviour, movement, communication and wellbeing.

A session with Beth can open up a conversation from within - offering you some sacred contact with your body and your inner being, allowing it to be heard and understood.

The body will store stress until it has the opportunity to recover - this is why you see so many hard working folk enter their holiday season only to be hit with a bug that forces them to rest...sound familiar?

All healing comes from the effective and integrated workings of your amazing body - all systems collaborating to bring your health and vitality through so that you can be the person you came here to be - sharing your time and talents with those you love.

All healing is self healing - take some time to listen to your body, your mind and your heart - and make sure they have time to integrate your experiences for best health and joy.