Knowing how to source positive support and good food are essential to your recovery and health.

Here are some local Peninsula businesses I highly recommend.

......and also some other free web sources of information that can help you find your way.....

Click on their links and discover what's out there. Get their free stuff and see what you like - Enjoy.



healthy links

For referrals

Josephine Olivia Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an excellent method to move through health challenges and life changes. It comes with my highest recommendation and Josephine is a dedicated and supportive teacher.

Carmel Wheelan Chiropractic Alchemy

I highly recommend Carmel's work particularly with little people, gentle and profoundly helpful.

Peninsula Holistic GP 

Excellent GP practitioner group here on the peninsula specialising in functional medicine.

Nick Foley Chiropractic

Nick has a great approach to his chiropractic work, clinically based and always evolving.

Hands On Health  

Dromana and Rosebud Community clinic for HCC holders

Jo Hyde Acupuncture

Having a good acupuncturist is an important link particularly where sleep and hormonal challenges  are present. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be an excellent integrated health support.

Emma Park

Nutritionist and food educator Emma works with you to use nutrition to be your best.

For Healthy Food

Bryant's Organic Farm 

For all your organic fruit and veg - open Thurs, Fri and Sat 9-1 with gorgeous Rosemary and Anne

Transition farm

Another amazing local business offering locally grown organic and biodynamic food sans the food miles.....

Sorrento Organics

Anna has a fantastic range of food and supplements - a fantastic coal source of organic and health supplies.

Rangas Bakery

We love the Spelt Bread Tues, Thurs and Sat!! Amazing bakery - beautiful people

Rye Health - Go Vita

Andrew and his team are open and able to help with naturopathic direction buying supplements.

For your sexuality

lady comp natural fertility management

ladycomp is my highest recommendation for all women through their menstrual and fertile years - it offers a non invasive way to manage fertility, even a way to predetermine the gender of your baby naturally! I wish I had been given one when I started menstruating, and I recommend it to women of all ages. When we know our cycle we are can work in harmony with its amazing qualities.

Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a relationships expert who shares her knowledge intelligently and openly around the issues we face in intimate relationships and healthy personal lives. Many people are struggling with identity issues in relationship and I encourage a good look at her work to help you navigate the challenges we face as individuals and couples. he book 'mating in captivity' sheds a bright light on the hidden taboo of infidelity and can generate a new thought process around what it means to face evolution within intimacy.  

Layla Martin

Layla Martin is a compassionate and wise sacred sexuality guide - her approach is kind and funny, allowing the learning to grow as your confidence builds. A healthy sex life is foundational in a healthy human life and her work will offer you techniques and new approaches to opening to your highest expression.

Embodying Man

Jarred Osbourne is a Melbourne based Mens Qi Gong, Relationships and Sacred Sexuality teacher and his work comes again with my highest recommendation for men who are facing challenges with their energy and identity affecting their creativity, sexuality and relationships. 

Tigress Yoga

Tigress yoga can assist women who want to embody their true self and break free come self limiting and trauma based conditioning around their sexuality - and sensual selves. It does not stop there, the benefits are profound and broad reaching - your womanhood is a blessing and a gift to all beings.

For information on your way


FMTV is my highest recommendation if you are about to start the self healing and recovery process. It is a powerful and inexpensive source of information. I encourage all of my clients to subscribe and inform themselves about food, health and wellness.

Only you have the power to heal yourself, and only you can educate yourself.


Greenmedinfo is a free source of functional medicine evidence based science if you are looking for support and truthful information about your natural health and recovery process.

National Institute of Integrative Medicine 

NIIM are based in Hawthorn and are our local source for General Practitioners and graduates who undertake the path of functional medicine. They have very interesting public lectures and offer a  great deal of support to those who want to manage their health naturally and nutritionally.

For your mental health

Dr Kelly Brogan

Kelly Brogan is a board certified psychiatrist who does NOT prescribe medication to people who have mental illness....especially women.....she offers a health recovery process that is worth investigation. She has cured her own autoimmune disorder and in the process become aware that health does not come from a prescription - it comes from finding alignment with one's life.

Dr Christiane Northrup 

Dr Christiane Northrup is a board certified Obstetrician and gynaecologist working to empower women through the cycles of our lives to be well, happy and vibrant at every stage. She offers an alternative view on how to move through menopause and into the wisdom years

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a philospoher and a powerful thinker offering thoughts on how we as a collective can move into a healthy and sustainable future. This is an offering of food for your mind - it needs healthy input too ;-)

educate yourself - all healing is self healing


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