Are you tired of dragging your way through life?

The Embody Health Programme is a powerful and effective natural health coaching process.

You will receive 5 fortnightly Kinesiology sessions delivered over three months.

These are your 5 health goals

Goal #1 we address happiness

“I now focus my energies on my health and happiness”

Goal #2 we address the physical body

“I now listen to my body and respond to my physical needs. I spend time each day replenishing my physical body allowing it to be fit and well. ”

Goal #3 we address diet and nutrition

I now nourish myself with nutrient dense whole foods. My cells and systems utilize nutrition for optimal function.”

Goal #4 we address exercise

“I now exercise daily to improve my health and wellbeing.”

Goal #5 we ADDRESS sleep and breathing

“I now breathe deeply, sleep restfully and flow through life in good health.”


The EMBODY HEALTH PROGRAM is a highly valuable tool for anyone who has a busy or stressful life and has decided to make time to renew their health and wellbeing.

The EMBODY HEALTH PROGRAM is offered over a sequence of 5 Kinesiology sessions. While you move through the three months of this practical natural health program you will be anchored to wisdom and support as you recover your health and wellbeing.

Beth is a recovery focussed clinician drawing upon thousands of hours of practical experience and professional training - having established her practice in 2002.

the price

Total Cost  of the Embody Health Programme is $700

You can pay $140 a session over 5 sessions 

Cash payment is required on the day


health fund rebates

This is a list of the health insurance companies that offer rebates for Kinesiology 

  • Australian Health Management

  • Australian Unity

  • BUPA (including MBF, HBA, Mutual Community, ANZ Health Insurance, St George Health)

  • CBHS

  • CUA

  • Medibank Private

  • Grand United Health


  • Healthcare Insurance

  • Health Partners

  • HBF 

  • HCF 

  • Teachers Health

  • Transport Health